Bums Are The New Guns - 10 Top Tips To Get Yours Now...

Bums Are The New Guns - 10 Top Tips To Get Yours Now...

Glutes are your body’s largest and most powerful muscle group, but to get a butt like Elite ambassador Aarran Perry takes hard work and dedication.

Without a doubt, a strong butt makes you stronger and safer in the gym, as well as more capable in life. It helps protect your lower back from injury but building a strong, firm butt doesn't happen by accident.

Try our top tips which apply to both men and women. We all deserve a great butt!

1.Hit the gym prepared with your workout

2.Make sure you’re properly fuelled

3.Double up your leg training

4.Occasionally train one leg at a time

5.Squat wide, go deep

6.Prioritise heavy kickbacks and walking lunges

7.Do glute strengthening cardio

8.Finish off with some burnout super sets

9.Be consistent with your training

10.Train progressively - Do a little more each workout

We all deserve a great butt so go get yours now!!!

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