Brandon ’The Don’ Daord talks us through his post fight routine:

Brandon ’The Don’ Daord talks us through his post fight routine:
You won your last fight! What did that feel like?
Well, I could never explain that feeling you get when all the hard work ends with a win – it’s actually one of the moments of your life. And once you have felt that feeling, you crave it and you search and destroy until you get it again.
What do you do to wind down after a fight?
Well straight after a fight I don't think you can actually wind down until about 2 days later, but when I’m trying to chill after a fight I'll put on a relaxing film or just relax – there’s not really much else you can do! Even when you’re doing so little and trying to wind down, your body is still fighting on the inside.
Does your training and diet change post fight?
Yes my diet changes but not by much. I eat pretty much the same things but just bigger portions I guess. To be honest, I eat healthily no matter what and every now and then I have something with a bit of fat in it. Whatever you feed your mind, then that's how you will feel – I believe you are what you eat and if I eat rubbish all the time it has such a negative effect on me and it makes my body feel awful, so eat goodness and feel good all the time.
What do eat the day before a fight and immediately afterwards?
I eat a small portion of tuna before a fight, some chicken and a protein shake after the weigh-in, and my mind knows I have fuelled up. And after a fight, I really don't eat because of all the buzz inside me from the fight but if I did…it would be a small portion of cereal. Then I'd be back to eating my normal diet the next day. 
What’s next for Brandon Daord?
Only answer I have for that is VERY BIG THINGS!

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