Are You Sick And Tired Of The Gym...

Are You Sick And Tired Of The Gym...

Most exercise buffs typically don’t let sickness slow them down when it comes to hitting the gym. And whilst their dedication is admirable, sometimes exercising when you are sick can be detrimental.

Some general guidelines are in place, but it comes down to common sense and you need to carefully consider how you feel and whether you’re fit enough to exercise. Workouts can improve energy, improve mood and loosen congestion but it isn’t the best time to take on heavy weights or high intensity cardio.

If you haven’t eaten or drunk much for 24 hours or more, your body is going to struggle – skip it... Don't workout!!

A fever also requires some rest as your immune system is already on overdrive.

Equally, if it’s just the start of an autumn cold then that’s not a good enough excuse to sit around all day either!

Basically, limit yourself and eliminate extremes, drink even more water than before and of course you need more rest if you’re sick.

When you feel ready to go...that’s a green light to get exercising again!

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