Anthony Larson offers up a serving of festive food advice

Anthony Larson offers up a serving of festive food advice
With the festive period just around the corner, let me offer a few suggestions that can help safeguard your progress. The parties will be coming thick and fast and it definitely wouldn’t be appropriate sat down for a celebratory meal and reaching into your bag for a Tupperware box. There is no harm in letting your hair down and over indulging on the Christmas treats. If you have been eating clean and not skipping a beat during the run up to Xmas you could use this as a mini break for a week, to eat the things that are not on your usual meal plan. There has to be a balance in life and celebrating over Christmas and the New Year with loved ones will be much needed. If you have made the rest of the year count then a few days eating whatever you like will not hinder your progress, just like a few days of hard work in the gym isn’t going to do much for your progress. You could use the time from now until the run up to Xmas to really turn the screw on your training and diet. Then use the festive period as a de-load week which would then have very little impact on progression.

My festive period tips:

Try not to skip meals in preparation for a big dinner as starving yourself will only slow down your metabolic rate, flip you into survival mode which in turn will encourage your body to hold onto those extra calories. Stay as active as you possibly can use that extra fuel. Personally, some of my best gym sessions have been over the festive period where I have been driven to burn off the over-indulging and making that naughty delicious food pay for being inside my body. Traditionally I get up early Xmas morning and go for a run which gives me peace of mind for the rest of the day. Have a really big breakfast packed with nutrition as this will help satisfy you for longer and help prevent you consuming so much for the rest of the day. Stay hydrated as this will help you feel fuller and you will find it more difficult to consume an abundance of food. Eat plenty of protein to help stabilise your blood sugar after eating all those goodies. The hormone insulin is release which encourages you to store fat so try and snack on nuts, cheese, cold meats and even have a protein shake or two. Follow Anthony's progress on Instagram here.

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