An Average Day in the Larson Household

An Average Day in the Larson Household

Firstly let me start by saying we are defiantly not your average family, don’t get me wrong, we are not exceptionable by any means, but we are far from run of the mill!


Both myself and my husband work full time, which puts great pressure on us to make sure we run as a well-oiled machine.  The Larson motto is ‘be prepared or prepare to fail’.  To pull this off efficiently we do spend a lot of our ‘downtime’ prepping meat and veg, this can be really time consuming, but it saves time in the long run.  I cannot live without my trusty food processor, which makes light work of veg prep.  We buy meat in bulk, marinate it and cook it on the barbeque, then freeze it in handy 2/3 day portion grab bags.


Today is Monday and I got up at 6am (Hubs was already in the gym, smashing his cardio).  We are great believers of having breakfast together, seeing as it’s the only meal we get to share, so I prepare my lunches and snacks (Chicken Parmesan Salad, Grapes, Homemade Protein bar and Homemade Chocolate Cashew Milk Chia Seed Pudding) and then get started on breakfast.  Today I had pre-prepared homemade breakfast muffins, a slice of Mediterranean bread toasted and my morning vitamins (Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D, Mulit Vit and Probiotic), all washed down with a glass of water and a great British cuppa!


I have to leave the house by 7.45am to take my daughter to Breakfast Club before school, but before I leave I check on ‘our girls’!!......The Larson Family chickens, ex battery hens saved from death!!!  We only have six, but they keep us supplied with the most gorgeous free range eggs, they happiest little chickens I know!


Work is over at 5pm, I collect our daughter from After School Club, have dinner and wait for the Hubs to get back from the gym, at roughly around 8pm; and we pass like ships in the night!  I don’t find it late to train then, but maybe I’m just used to it?  So long as I have eaten ok during the day, I find my energy levels just fine.  I train Monday to Friday, and I incorporate a little cardio into each session, so I usually finished around 9.30pm.  Back through the door with just enough time for a protein shake; and in bed by 10pm.  I’m not as young as I used to be, so my body requires 8 hours a night sleep, it’s not worth compromising, so that’s just the way it is!

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