10 things to inspire you to workout more in 2017 - Elite Body Squad

10 things to inspire you to workout more in 2017 - Elite Body Squad

With 2017 in its infancy it is only natural to be feeling those start of the year blues. The whole year is ahead of you and it seems like a lifetime until you can escape for a well-deserved break. As a result of this, motivation can be at a low point. The desire to get up and head to the gym can decrease on a daily basis. The struggle to shift from the sofa and onto the treadmill or go out for a run is hard when it is so cold and bleak outside. Elite Body Squad want you to become more active in 2017. We want you to stick to your fitness goals and we aim to inspire you on the path toward achieving your fitness goals in 2017


1.Live for that post workout joy:

The feeling when you finally finish your workout is a glorious one. The radiating glow you emit when you know you have nailed your perfect set is difficult to be matched. This can be dampened when you choose to skip a certain session though. If you ever feel like you don't particularly want to complete a certain set, imagine that feeling of completion and how good it makes you feel. Complete the set and reap the rewarding feeling.

2. Workout with friends or family

By setting a time and a workout location with a friend or family member you will automatically feel much more obliged to attend, even if your body and mind are telling you otherwise. It is quite often the case that when you try and work out individually, you end up not attending your planned session. Working out with a companion gives you more desire to attend and work out more effectively.


3. Post – Workout Routine

Creating a post workout routine that is both healthy, effective and not time consuming is a great way to reward yourself after a particularly strenuous workout. Small treats like scheduling extra time to spend in the steam room / showers after you finish will go a great way towards inspiring you to workout more.

4. Exercise In The Morning

This is one of the simplest things in the world to plan, but one of the most difficult things to put into practice. If you get your exercise out of the way in the morning you will be able to actively focus on doing well, instead of having the distractions of the day on your mind, which will impede your workout.


5. Watch TV At The Gym

Instead of heading home after work to lounge on the sofa and watch your favourite TV show, head down to the gym and watch it there. You will be able to see whatever you want to watch and become healthy at the same time. If your gym does not have televisions installed, you can bring you phone or tablet to watch them all on.

6. Try Something You Have Not Done Before

Signing up for a new class can perk up your interest in exercising. It is always fun to try something new and the excitement will make you much more likely to attend. Finding new ways to exercise outdoors is also a fun and motivational way to exercise more effectively. Find a new trail to bike on, hike to a different point of interest or try working out at a different point of the day.


7. Wearing Workout Gear You Love And Feel Comfortable In

Doing something as little as wearing something you like when you head to the gym can give you a major confidence boost and push you towards working harder. Catching your reflection in the mirror and seeing that you look good whilst exercising will give you that much-needed boost.

8. Avoid The Mid-Workout Dip

You need to fuel your body during your workout or you will suffer greatly. Re – fuelling yourself midway through a routine will greatly help you complete your set. You'll have the motive to burn what you have just eaten but also benefit from the boost provided from the protein and energy you have consumed.


9. Treat Yourself

Reward yourself for an effective workout. Plan a reward system that you can use to treat yourself with when you hit a certain goal or beat a target you have set. The finish line and ultimate target will become a lot more desirable when you know there is a reward waiting for you at the end.

10. A Motivational Facebook Post Or Photo

It is common for people to have a motivational poster in their office or home. Something for you to aspire to achieve and give you that confidence boost. Snap a picture of how you want your body to look, the weight you want to be or the definition you desire. When you have the craving to slack off, just take a look at it and know you can achieve it.

2017 can be easily made to be a very effective year for you and your workout plan. The motivation to achieve everything you desire is easily reachable and will help you towards your body goals.



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