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Lucy West - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - lucywestofficial Lucy West has an established international career as a fitness expert, personal trainer and athlete. She is a seasoned bodybuilding competitor, winning national titles, and promotes a healthy positive fitness and well-being lifestyle. Read more

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Stuart Tickner - Elite Body Squad Athlete BiographyInsta - stuart_tickner My name is Stuart Tickner and I'm 37 years old. I started lifting because I wanted to improve myself but mainly to build my self-confidence both physically and mentally. I study a martial art called Guba Doce Pares and I’m a 3rd degree black belt instructor. I was proud to be on the GB squad for several years where I held British, European, and World Titles, but none of this came easy to me. I had to work my butt off for it and that is what I loved about it - the harder you work to reach... Read more

Laura May My fitness journey started when I was about 17, when I was working out about twice a week just to keep fit and toned. Now (aged 19) I'm working out around 3 or 4 times a week and really want to become much more toned and muscular. I’m maintaining my fitness but I’m working harder to gain more muscle definition.    Her 5 general health and fitness tips:   1- Always set yourself goals, it will help you to push yourself as you work hard to achieve them.   2- Have a set routine of when and what time you... Read more

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Emma Larson - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - emslarson I am a 42 year old Mummy to a beautiful little four year old and married to Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador, Anthony Larson. I also work part time at the local college. I’ve always had an interest in the gym but it was sporadic, it’s probably only since having my daughter that I decided to put in some real effort. For the last six months I have had a training partner, which I feel makes all the difference.I weight train 6 nights a week and I have just recently started early morning cardio stints on the stair... Read more

Lily Curtis - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - lily_curtis4 My name is Lily Curtis. I'm 47 years old, married and mum to 2 girls and 2 boys. I've always been active and enjoy going to the gym at least 6 days a week and a yoga class on Wednesdays. I'm qualified as gym instructor and I also have a Law degree. At the moment I don't work with either of those.  I enjoy creating healthy recipes using only nutritious ingredients and post it on my IG. I avoid all refined ingredients in my cooking. To keep fit and healthy I follow my own tips:​​ Always Eat Healthy... Read more

Chloe Barrigan - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInstagram - chloe_b_squats I'm 21 years old and have been into lifting for around 2 years. I started lifting to change my appearance but it soon became my passion and I love getting stronger and trying new things! I'm currently on a strength programme. My top 3 tips for building muscle... 1. Go Heavy! Lift more weight in order to grow, the stronger you are the bigger you'll become. And girls... that goes for you too! You will NOT look manly, you aren't physically capable of looking manly if you're natural 2. Be Consistent. It takes time to build muscle so... Read more

Laura Sheriffe BiographyInsta - _lwdanceworks Hi! I’m Laura Sheriffe and I own a dance school for children and young adults called LW Danceworks - we study all aspects of dance, singing and drama.    Dancing is a great cardio workout for the whole body - it makes you stronger, more flexible, is great for your heart and also helps with strength and coordination…but, more importantly, it’s actually fun too! Research shows dancing can actually help boost your mental health and overall happiness – bonus!    For me personally, I find dance a perfect core workout. A weak core results in poor posture... Read more

Jess Lee - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - jesslee3_ Seventeen year old Jess Lee from Hull is a sports and gym lover who fits figure skating, hockey, rugby, athletics and even cheerleading in between her days at college. Read more

Peter Batai - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador BiographyInsta - petebatai Pete "The Meat" Batai is a natural bodybuilder living in London. He started a lifetime drug-free bodybuilding journey over a decade ago and has been competing with the BNBF and DFAC since 2008, placing second as a novice in his first show. In 2015, he won the BNBF British Middleweight Champion title alongside the Best Wheels trophy - the latter a prize he was very proud of as legs were not his strongest muscles for years. In his own words I represented Great Britain as a member of the British team in the DFAC World Championship in Miami... Read more

Chantelle Heskey - Elite Body Squad Guest Ambassador BiographyInsta- chantelletagoe Chantelle Heskey is from a very healthy family where fitness and diet are important. Our latest guest ambassador, Chantelle founded the charity One Goal Foundation as well as being a patron of anti-human-trafficking charity UNCHOSEN. In her own words I've always quite enjoyed eating healthily and trying to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle - but being a mum and having to cook for 2 boys who hate their veggies and love carbs, it can be hard to stay focused! I do give them healthier carbs like brown rice and pasta, which they need to fuel their bodies as... Read more

Kelly-Marie Stewart: Health & Diet Adjustments Following Guillain-Barre Syndrome Diagnosis BiographyInsta - kellymarielovelady Kelly-Marie Stewart is an actress who used to be in Hollyoaks. However, following a holiday to the Dominican Republic, she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and was paralysed as a result. Many years on and she’s still receiving treatment but is determined to walk again. She works hard at upper body strength and follows a fitness/diet plan to help build strength in her legs. In Her Own Words I would consider myself to be quite a healthy person. I see my physio once a week for my Guillain-Barre syndrome and I push myself further with my personal trainer, who... Read more

Craig Wright - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Craig Wright is a 38-year-old bodybuilder who cleaned up his diet and turned up the dial on his training after being inspired by the fast progress a friend made.<h2>In his own words</h2>I've always trained, but an old school friend of mine (female), with no history of training, suddenly became a competing body builder within a couple of years. I had a chat with her and asked how she'd done so much so quick and she said it’s all down to diet.So I cleaned that up, turned up the dial on the training side and went from there. I'm 38 now,... Read more

Anthony Larson - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Anthony Larson, from Barnstaple in North Devon, is a 45-year-old accountant and keen sportsman. He's recently competed at the UKBFF Welsh Championships where he was placed 3rd in the under-178cm Classic Bodybuilding category. In his own words I live in Barnstaple North Devon, my occupation is an Accountant and I am 45 years young. I have always been a keen sportsman and have played football at a fairly high standard. Bodybuilding has been part of my life since I was 16 years old and I first competed in 1992. After an absence of 23 years, I returned to competition in 2015... Read more

Brandon ’The Don’ Daord - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador BiographyInsta - brandon_daord New Pro Boxer Brandon Daord, aged 19 from Liverpool, had a glittering stint as an amateur boxer as 8 time ABA National Champion and picked up a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games. The Everton Red Triangle Boxer trains alongside Jazza Dickens, Kevin Satchel, Steven Lewis, Ryan Farrag and Johnny Quigley. Tipped to have a big future in the pro game within his division, having made a successful start to his professional career in June winning all four rounds against experienced Russian Sergey Tasimov, at the Preston Guildhall. He outclassed his opponent who has had over 70... Read more

Connor Laing - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Connor started training for fun at the age of 18 to become less skinny. Now, fitness is a big part of his life and he now juggles his gym time with a full-time job - but still manages to grow and improve. In his own words For me, eating often is a must! My metabolism is always through the roof and if I don't keep my body fuelled I soon get run down and start to lose mass! A great way to start the day is by having a good portion of porridge. I add a level scoop of chocolate... Read more