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* Weight lifting belt with simple 'quick release' velcro fastener ergonomically designed to provide the best protection possible

* Fits to the natural shape of the body using carefully crafted contours

* Fully adjustable back support belt with heavy duty stainless steel hook and loop design

* Top quality super lightweight and durable neoprene 6″ weightlifting belt for unbeatable lumbar support


HIGHEST QUALITY NEOPRENE POWER WEIGHT LIFTING BELT - This Weight Lifting Belt Will Protect And Strengthen Your Lower Back Helping You To Lift More Weight And Become Stronger - Guaranteed!

Weight lifting can damage the lower back muscles and this can bring your progress to a stand still. Wearing a weight belt is the simple solution to the problem

In years gone by weight lifting belts were made of thick rigid leather, but times move on and so does the technology available to us. Nowadays neoprene is a more effective alternative to the traditional back support belt...

The great thing about Elite Body Squad's neoprene weight lifting belt is that it is...

* Very lightweight and easy to clean

* Carefully shaped to fit the natural contours of your body

* Fully adjustable unlike leather which relies on you being just the right size

* Comfortable enough to wear against the skin without chafing or nipping

* Reinforced to make the belt firmer for extra support during heavy lifts

* Lined with cotton to absorb sweat away from the skin

Neoprene power lifting belts are now used by some of the world's top bodybuilders for their brutally demanding workouts. When it's on, it feels like you aren't wearing anything!

Perfect for any exercise where the lower back is put under excess pressure or if you have a weakness or pain in the lower back. Also great to support weak abdominals throughout the day. Perfect to use for gardening, general DIY or any other physical tasks.

We are sure that you'll love our Neoprene lifting belt. But if you aren't 100% happy with this weight lifting belt, you can return it unused for a replacement or our full money back Guarantee!

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