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✅ Neoprene Padded Lifting Straps – Made From Commercial Grade 100% Cotton – Super Strong + Soft Feel Wrist Padding

✅ Cutting Edge Rubber MAX GRIP Sticky Pads Injected In To The Fabric To Reduce Movement On The Bar And Improve Grip

✅ One Size Fits All – Over 60cm – Extended Length To Improve Performance

✅ 100% Quality GUARANTEE + FREE Bonuses – Carry Case


Do You Lift Heavy In Your Workouts... Are Your Forearms Or Wrists Stopping You From Lifting More?

If you've reached a point in your training where grip strength or weak forearms are holding you back, be warned your progress could slow down or even stop altogether!

But you can get past this plateau by using weight lifting straps. Lifting straps are a great bodybuilding accessory that can help you to inject new growth in to your muscles.

You see once you remove the weakest link in an exercise, the strength of the target muscles can be increased dramatically.

Lets take the dumbbell row for example, the main muscle you're trying to hit is the Latissimus Dorsi - it runs down the sides of the back, but your forearms are also heavily involved. The problem here is that the smaller forearm muscles often fatigue long before the bigger back muscles which means the forearms get a good workout, but you never fully exhaust the Lats.

Using Elite Body Squad's Ultimate Pro advanced technology weight lifting straps is a great way to blast through any plateau and move on to new gains.

Why our lifting straps are the best...

* Made from industrial strength cotton webbing + double stitched for durability

* Over 60cm long - can be wrapped around the bar many times to get a superior grip

* We use the latest lifting technology by injecting rubber MAX GRIP™ sticky pads in to the straps to improve control and reduce slippage on the bar

* Our neoprene padding ensures a comfortable lift whilst supporting and cushioning the wrists

If you're not 100% happy with these weight lifting straps you can return them unused for all your money back or a no-hassle replacement!

Click the "ADD TO CART" button NOW (Small red box - above right) to lift heavier weights, boost muscle growth and make faster gains in your training - completely risk free!


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