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Craig Wright Craig Wright is a 38-year-old bodybuilder who cleaned up his diet and turned up the dial on his training after being inspired by the fast progress a friend made. Make sure you give him a follow on Instagram! Read more

Anthony Larson Anthony Larson, from Barnstaple in North Devon, is a 45-year-old accountant and keen sportsman. He's recently competed at the UKBFF Welsh Championships where he was placed 3rd in the under-178cm Classic Bodybuilding category. Read more

Brandon ’The Don’ Daord New Pro Boxer Brandon Daord, aged 19 from Liverpool, had a glittering stint as an amateur boxer as 8 times ABA National Champion and picked up a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games. Read more

Helen MacGregor - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - heliemac1 Helen MacGregor is a Manchester based model, self-proclaimed fitness addict and foodie. Check out her blog for clean eating tips! Read more

Connor Laing BiographyInsta - connorla1 Connor started training for fun at the age of 18 when his weight was approximately 11st 6lbs. As a basketball player, he was very lean and for 6ft 3inch he felt this made him look very skinny. What started out as just a fun hobby in a small local gym soon became more and more important in my life and by time he was 20 he was packing a bit more muscle and weighing about 13 stone. Now at 22, Connor attends a large national gym and he is currently 15st 2lbs and growing all of the time!... Read more

Scott Burns - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - scott_burns_ Scott Burns is one of the latest members of the Body Squad, and we're glad to have him on board! Scott is all about his meal prep and planning. You can check out his regime and tips here. Read more

Lee Tatton BiographyInsta - theleeblue Lee Tatton began his fitness journey after literally taking a long hard look in the mirror and realising he didn't like what he saw. He moved abroad and started a 5-day a week fitness regime to get the body he's always wanted, and he's still working hard at it to this day. Read more

Sophie Major Sophie Major is a 22-year-old Law student studying in Manchester. Originally from Shropshire, she's one of the latest members of the #BodySquad! Read more

Kyle Daniel - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - kyledanielkd 23 year-old Kyle Daniel from Kingston upon Hull is one of our first brand ambassadors. Hugely passionate about sports growing up, he started out playing football, rugby and basketball. However he had most success competing in track and field events such as triple jump and the 100m sprint. Read more

Dani Carvalho - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - danicarvalho10 Daniela grew up in Portugal and moved to London when she was 19. She has competed numerous times, including coming fourth in last year's WBFF. Read more

Jess Lee - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - jesslee3_ Seventeen year old Jess Lee from Hull is a sports and gym lover who fits figure skating, hockey, rugby, athletics and even cheerleading in between her days at college. Read more

Gary Corr - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - garycorr Made in Manchester - weight training in Manchester: Gary was one of the first members of the #BodySquad. Give his Instagram a follow! Read more

Alice Abbott - Elite Body Squad Ambassador BiographyInsta - alice_abbott Alice Anne Abbott is one of our first brand ambassadors and hails from Lincolnshire. She trains hard six days a week whilst following a correct diet plan allowing herself one day off to eat what she likes a week! She says her motivation for training hard is that you only get given one body and therefore you should look after it and show others your full potential. Read more

Arran Perry Arran Perry is a 22-year-old sports marketing student from Leighton Buzzard and is the latest member of the #BodySquad. Read more

Peter Batai - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador BiographyInsta - petebatai Pete "The Meat" Batai is a natural bodybuilder living in London. He started a lifetime drug-free bodybuilding journey over a decade ago and has been competing with the BNBF and DFAC since 2008, placing second as a novice in his first show. In 2015, he won the BNBF British Middleweight Champion title alongside the Best Wheels trophy - the latter a prize he was very proud of as legs were not his strongest muscles for years. In his own words I represented Great Britain as a member of the British team in the DFAC World Championship in Miami... Read more