Peter Batai - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Peter Batai - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

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Pete "The Meat" Batai is a natural bodybuilder living in London. He started a lifetime drug-free bodybuilding journey over a decade ago and has been competing with the BNBF and DFAC since 2008, placing second as a novice in his first show. In 2015, he won the BNBF British Middleweight Champion title alongside the Best Wheels trophy - the latter a prize he was very proud of as legs were not his strongest muscles for years.

In his own words

I represented Great Britain as a member of the British team in the DFAC World Championship in Miami in 2015 where we finished as a runner-up. I returned in 2016 to the USA once again to participate in the DFAC World Championship but  this time I returned to Britain as a World Champion Natural Bodybuilder. 2017 is going to be a year for improving further my physique before trying to leave the amateur league and win my Pro card within the BNBF or DFAC. I am regularly doing seminars and workout/nutritional advice sessions. I also very frequently present at the BNBF Southern meetings in Bodybionics gym, Thatcham, where as a member of the team I am trying to help other athletes or anyone who would like to improve their physique without the use of banned substances. Follow Pete's journey on Facebook here.

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