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✅ NON SLIP HANDLES - Made from thick durable foam rubber Designed to give maximum support and comfort whilst you are doing your abdominal and core exercises at home

SUPER SMOOTH ACTION - Twin wheel easy glide technology with extra tough stainless steel axle providing strength and stability leaving you to focus on doing your daily stomach exercises safely

✅ COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - This handy home fitness equipment helps you to do abdominal exercises which tighten, firm and tone your abs, lower back, arms and shoulders Perfect if you are trying to lose belly fat or do any core stability exercises to help improve your posture

FREE SUPER SOFT MAT - This 15mm thick kneeling mat is perfect for protecting and supporting your knees which is just another reason why this ab roller wheel is one of THE best exercises for abs that you can do which also has the effect of a back roller at the same time



Do You Want To Tone, Tighten And Firm Your Abs, Core And Lower Back In The Comfort Of Your Own Home? Do you Want To Save Money On Gym Fees And Workout At Your Own Speed?

If So The Elite Body Squad Ab Roller Could Be The Perfect Solution For You

Training your abs can be quite dull and boring at times, plus if you always do the same old exercises then you'll notice very little change because you only get the most out of any exercise if you constantly progress and change what you do.

Using our ab wheel is a great way to avoid stagnation and kick start your progress, when used as part of a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

Gym fees are another drain on your finances but training at home can be a pleasure by using a few carefully chosen pieces of good quality fitness equipment.

Our specially designed non slip ab wheel will help you to exercise safely on any surface although extra care should be taken when working out on laminate floors or particularly slippery surfaces.

The great thing about using an ab roller is that you not only work the core, but also the arms and shoulder muscles at the same time.

The ab wheel also comes with a free kneeling mat specifically designed to use during your ab wheel workouts. The mat measures 18cmx 38cm and is made from high quality 15mm NBR foam.

Please Note: This ab trainer is great for toning and strengthening the core muscles, but we do not recommend its use for complete beginners, anyone with abdominal or lower back issues or at any time during pregnancy.

Our ab roller wheels are fixed to a strong stainless steel rod to ensure long-lasting durability and feature soft padded handles for a comfortable, smooth grip.

If you're not 100% happy with this ab roller, you can return it for a no-hassle replacement or our full money back Guarantee!

Click the "ADD TO CART" button NOW (Small red box - above right) to tighten, firm and tone your abs, core muscles, arms and shoulders fast, completely risk free!


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