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✅ Premium quality lightweight, breathable fabric keeps the skin cool 50% cotton, 40% elastic, 10% polyester Sold as a pair No need to buy 2 One size fits all

✅ Heavy duty stitching + Stronger and longer than most other wrist wraps 18/22cm Gives superior wrist support and can wrap around the wrist twice

✅ Fully adjustable Extra wide Velcro closure tab to allow for instant and secure grip Won't pop apart during your heaviest sets

✅ 100% Quality GUARANTEE + 2 FREE Bonuses Lifting Straps and Carry Bag


If You Ever Get Aches and Pains In Your Wrists, Hands Or Forearms Or If You're Recovering From A Wrist Injury, There May Be A Very Simple Solution - Elite Body Squad's Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps!

The wrists are involved in virtually every major exercise there is from bench pressing to dips, from deadlifting to heavy squats - You can't get away from using your wrists, to push, pull or simply support your weight, but if they're weak or injured they WILL hold you back.

The trouble is when you train heavy, your muscles can grow way faster than the connective tissues of the joints. The wrists are a good example of this, many guys struggle to lift more weight NOT because their muscles aren't strong enough, it's because of weak or painful wrist joints!

This can slow down progress, but using our pro-grade wrist wraps is the answer. They will...

* Support, strengthen and tightly wrap around your wrists and forearms during your heavy sets - giving you confidence to lift more.

* Reduce wrist fatigue during tiring workouts - if your wrists stay strong you'll get more done

* Fasten quickly and securely - no more worrying if the Velcro will spring apart just when you need it the most!

* Super soft - won't itch or chafe when your body temperature starts to rise

Our wrist wraps are great for weight training and powerlifting but also ideal for boxing, fitness classes, MMA, kettlebell workouts and much more

If you're not 100% happy with these wrist straps, simply return for a no-hassle replacement or our full money back Guarantee!

Don't forget when you order your wrist wraps today you will also get 2 great FREE bonuses - carry bag + lifting straps...

Click the "ADD TO CART" button NOW (Small red box - above right) to increase your strength, boost muscle growth and ramp your workouts in to top gear!


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