Manuel Sthenics - Elite Body Squad Ambassador

Manuel Sthenics - Elite Body Squad Ambassador
Insta - manuelsthenics
Hi, I’m Manuel Sthenics and my starting point was UNDER ZERO! No one I knew really used to work out, so I decided to change the situation and with the support of a friend I started to do push-ups from home.
Once I was a bit more confident, I decided to take my training outside and trained at a park. Finally, I launched an Instagram profile which I manage like a personal diary, writing and photographing my fitness journey, mainly through callisthenics and street workout.
Now I want to inspire people to street work out and help get them in shape! My next step is to be able to do some skills using callisthenics because…Callisthenics is an art! 
Many things are important to me, but mainly:
1 - The first factor about success: the motivation to start and continue your personal journey in this world! We know very well that without it, you do not go anywhere.
2 - Building muscles with unique insights into callisthenics.
3 - Nutrition, a critical step to increase mass and shape the body - thanks to my experience and errors that I have made in the past, I follow a specific diet.

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