Laura Sheriffe

Laura Sheriffe
Insta - _lwdanceworks
I’m Laura Sheriffe and I own a dance school for children and young adults called LW Danceworks - we study all aspects of dance, singing and drama. 
Dancing is a great cardio workout for the whole body - it makes you stronger, more flexible, is great for your heart and also helps with strength and coordination…but, more importantly, it’s actually fun too! Research shows dancing can actually help boost your mental health and overall happiness – bonus! 
For me personally, I find dance a perfect core workout. A weak core results in poor posture and increases the risk of falls, lower back pain and muscle injuries which would be a disaster for me as a dance teacher. By developing my core strength and my abdominals it helps me control my movements, maintain my posture, helps with stretches and leaps and generally keep my balance – all while I’m dancing!

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