Laura May

Laura May
My fitness journey started when I was about 17, when I was working out about twice a week just to keep fit and toned. Now (aged 19) I'm working out around 3 or 4 times a week and really want to become much more toned and muscular. I’m maintaining my fitness but I’m working harder to gain more muscle definition. 
Her 5 general health and fitness tips:
1- Always set yourself goals, it will help you to push yourself as you work hard to achieve them.
2- Have a set routine of when and what time you will go to the gym in a week.
3- Always keep fresh fruit and veg in your house as this will remind you to eat it.
4- Always push yourself to try new classes or exercises and never be afraid to ask advice from someone else in the gym.
5- Enjoy fitness, I shouldn’t feel like a chore, so find an exercise you love doing and enjoy it!
Supersets are your greatest friend. Building them into everything helps build fatigue quicker and, build lean muscle fast.
Forget smashing out half an hour of abs every day, we need to lose that body fat percentage first.
Eating clean, and work intervals where possible. 8 rounds of 10-second sprints, 30 seconds casual riding on the watt bike will have you cut down in no time.

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