Emma Larson - Elite Body Squad Ambassador

Emma Larson - Elite Body Squad Ambassador

Insta - emslarson

I am a 42 year old Mummy to a beautiful little four year old and married to Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador, Anthony Larson.

I also work part time at the local college. I’ve always had an interest in the gym but it was sporadic, it’s probably only since having my daughter that I decided to put in some real effort.

For the last six months I have had a training partner, which I feel makes all the difference.I weight train 6 nights a week and I have just recently started early morning cardio stints on the stair master (45 minutes, three days a week).

People think I am crazy getting up at stupid o’clock to get a session in before the husband leaves for work or coming home from the gym at bedtime but I love it, the gym is my ‘me’ time!

My Top 5 Tips...

1.       Don’t talk about doing it, just do it!

2.       Drink plenty of water

3.       Try to eat whole, natural foods

4.       Always aim for correct form, over weight

5.       Remember to fuel your body, you’re asking a lot of it - help your body help you

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