Chloe Barrigan - Elite Body Squad Ambassador

Chloe Barrigan - Elite Body Squad Ambassador

Instagram - chloe_b_squats

I'm 21 years old and have been into lifting for around 2 years. I started lifting to change my appearance but it soon became my passion and I love getting stronger and trying new things! I'm currently on a strength programme.

My top 3 tips for building muscle...

1. Go Heavy! Lift more weight in order to grow, the stronger you are the bigger you'll become. And girls... that goes for you too! You will NOT look manly, you aren't physically capable of looking manly if you're natural

2. Be Consistent. It takes time to build muscle so consistency is key

3. Eat well. Nutrition is really important. Ensure you get enough calories, protein and carbs in each day

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