Chantelle Heskey - Elite Body Squad Guest Ambassador

Chantelle Heskey - Elite Body Squad Guest Ambassador

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Chantelle Heskey is from a very healthy family where fitness and diet are important. Our latest guest ambassador, Chantelle founded the charity One Goal Foundation as well as being a patron of anti-human-trafficking charity UNCHOSEN.

In her own words

I've always quite enjoyed eating healthily and trying to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle - but being a mum and having to cook for 2 boys who hate their veggies and love carbs, it can be hard to stay focused! I do give them healthier carbs like brown rice and pasta, which they need to fuel their bodies as they play football 5 times a week.

Me on the other hand, I find smoothies can be more convenient sometimes, as I'm always on the go and attempting meal prep with 3 children is a struggle. I can get it wrong when out socialising with friends with a meal and a cocktail but try to get back on track the next day!

I go to the gym mainly to keep fit, rather than gain muscle definition. I enjoy running and I head for the treadmill if the weather is bad. I like to go to spinning classes when I have time, but in the gym I try to follow a programme, lifting small weights with high reps, for an all body workout and don't really focus on one area. I've recently had a baby so I'm including more core exercises to improve my strength.

We're a very sporty family - married to a professional footballer and young boys who love to play too - so there's some healthy pressure to stay fit and well, although I probably don't get time to work out a much as I'd love to. That's why diet is key to ensure I stay in shape. I do most of the cooking and love experimenting with recipes, especially adding spices. My favourite dish is salmon with brown rice and roast veggies and it's one the whole family can enjoy. I try to avoid bad carbs as much as possible but when I'm feeling naughty my guilty pleasure is a hot Indian curry with all the trimmings - and of course work it off the next day! Follow Chantelle on Twitter here.

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