A Day In The Life Of Anthony Larson

A Day In The Life Of Anthony Larson

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A Day In The Life Of Anthony Larson 

Anthony Larson has been an ambassador for Elite Body Squad for a number of years. A keen sportsman, he has competed in a number of high level bodybuilding championships and recently competed at the UKBFF Welsh Championships where he was placed 3rd in the under-178cm Classic Bodybuilding category. This is a sample meal plan, with the right combination of proteins, carbs and fats. It’s a day in the life of a real champ…! 


It’s an early start as I wake up at 5am and head down to the gym for 45 mins of steady low intensity cardio, followed by an Ab workout. I always like to train abs on an empty stomach in order to maximise the squeeze. 

I have a drink fuelled with the following supplements during the workout: BCAA, Glutamine, Vitamin C and L-Carnitine. 

Breakfast time is at 7am and is usually a 3 course meal! I tend to have:

Bowl of grapefruit

Salmon with mixed veg on 2 pieces of rye bread

Homemade pancake made with – egg whites, banana, rice flour, maca powder and cinnamon 

I also like to take some supplements; fish oil, vitamin D, Multivit and Probiotic. 


At around 10.30am I have my second meal of the day. This is typically chicken and walnuts. 


Lunch, or meal 3, is around 1.30pm and is sweet potato, turkey breast and mixed vegetables. 


At 4pm it’s onto my next meal! I like to make a pancake made with – egg whites, banana, rice flour, maca powder, cinnamon and chocolate whey. 

At 5.45pm I have a pre workout drink and at 6pm it’s time for another workout. Next an intra drink with the following supplements; BCAA, glutamine, vitamin C and creatine. 


At 8pm I have meal number 5, which consists of potato, cod fillet and mixed vegetable. 

At 10pm it’s meal 6 which is usually steak with mixed vegetables. 

I naturally wake up extremely hungry every night and schedule another meal for whenever I wake up, which is the nicest of the day by far. I blend cottage cheese, avocado and chocolate whey. This meal is prepared at 8p.m and I put it in the freezer and by the time it needs consuming it’s turned into N-ice-cream! 

Late evening

I go to bed at about 10.30pm. 

I consume at least 5 litres of water a day. I also drink coffee up until mid-afternoon. 

In total I would have spent 3 hours doing physical activity throughout the day. One hour first thing, 30 minutes’ walk at lunchtime during work, 1 ½ hours workout in the evening. I don’t have any issues with fitting all this in, alongside working and being a family man. Fortunately I have a very supporting wife and we encourage each other to stay on track.

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