Arran Perry – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Arran Perry – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador
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Arran Perry is a 22-year-old sports marketing student from Leighton Buzzard and is the latest member of the #BodySquad.

In his own words…

I’m a keen rugby player, usually playing / training around 4/5 times a week. My typical workout routine will be morning cardio, empty stomach around 6am, 3/4 times a week for around 40 minutes. I then do weight sessions in the evening, split into, chest (Mondays), back (Tuesdays), Rugby game (Wednesdays), shoulders (Thursdays), arms (Fridays), rugby game (Saturdays) and legs (Sundays). During the rugby season I sit slightly heavier with extra calories, then in summer I shred down. I use gold standard whey protein 2/3 times daily and 1MR pre workout or super pump. My fitness goals for the future are to increase mass while keeping a low body fat. Follow Arran on Instagram here.

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