Elite Body Squad Large Microfibre Yoga Gym Towel Quick Dry

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SAVES SPACE - Large size - 80 x 130cm, folds away quickly into a free handy carry bag for easy packing and space saving

LIGHTWEIGHT + EASY TO STORE - Great to take with you to fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, Pilates, circuit training, body combat or gymnastics etc

SUPER ABSORBENT - our multi purpose microfiber toweling has many uses including bathing and showering at home as well as taking with you on holiday

VERY QUICK DRYING - 75% polyester, 25% polyamide mix for superior performance - absorbs as much moisture as a large cotton bath towel

MACHINE WASHABLE - easy to wash and quick to dry with a luxuriant soft suede feel + this microfiber towel comes with the Elite Body Squad


If you need a quick drying multi-purpose microfiber towel to use around the home, when travelling or as versatile sports towel then this is the perfect solution for you!

Made from top quality materials this cutting edge towelling is assured to dry quickly plus it's smaller and weighs far less than a traditional cotton towel. Plus we've included a handy zipped carry bag with breathable mesh design so you can store your towel away even when slightly damp.

This means you'll have a much more hygienic, fresh smelling towel always ready to use whenever you need it. But that's not all, here's why we think this is one of the best yoga towels you can get... Has a completely different feel when using. Instead of rubbing rigorously over your skin, you simply need to gently pat dry and blot away any moisture. This is way quicker than using a bulky 'old style' cotton towel . Great to use when exercising because it absorbs sweat quickly.

Instead of just moving the moisture around, it sucks it up in the fibres and keeps it locked away from your skin. Can also be used to put over fitness equipment or weight benches to keep the surface clean and dry, saving you from lying in other people's sweat! our towels can be machine washed but don't need to be dried in a tumble drier, meaning you save money on your drying costs plus you won't have a heavy wet, smelly towel hanging around the house for ages.

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