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✅ 65cm High quality balance ball – Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, core workouts, strength training and stretching

✅ Safe and strong – Made from studio quality PVC

Tested under a static load to 200kg

Non slip surface – Closed cell structure is hygienic and easy to maintain its glossy appearance

100% Satisfaction guarantee + FREE Hand pump and lifetime warranty


Do You Want To Switch Up Your Workouts, Boost Core Strength And Trim Your Waistline?

If so Elite Body Squad's premium quality exercise ball is perfect for you.

Exercise balls offer versatility and variety. You can work almost every core muscle more effectively than on the floor or using a bench. Plus you can switch up your workouts by doing many traditional exercises whilst balancing on a gym ball to hit the stomach and lower back muscles much deeper at the same time.

Our fit balls are made from finest quality PVC and are suitable for anyone within a height range of 5ft 2inches - 6ft 2 inches.

This ball is ideal for men, women and people of all abilities.

Here's what our exercise ball can do for you

* Improve your core strength and flexibility from the comfort of your own home

* Protect your joints and support injured areas, improve balance and posture by doing a few simple exercises.

* Perfect for any skill level, both beginners to advanced can get a great workout if you're new to fit ball training you can remove some of the air to improve balance, once you're more competent you can inflate to the recommended size again

* We've tested this ball to a static weight of 200kg which means it's sturdy and robust as well as incredibly good looking will blend in with any room decor.

PLEASE NOTE: We don't advise this ball to be used as a pregnancy or nursing ball. If this is what you need we recommend you search for a product specifically for this purpose.

We're so sure you'll love this ball that we offer a full money back guarantee if for any reason it doesn't live up to your expectations If you're not 100% happy just let us know about it.

Click the ADD TO CART button NOW (above right) to tighten and firm your stomach muscles with our quality gym ball, completely risk free!


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