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✅ Luxurious and soft suede feel, premium microfiber towel 200gsm perfect for use at the gym, fitness classes, swimming or a handy pocket sized travel towel

✅ Ultra lightweight 6 times lighter than standard toweling + extremely compact in size and easy to carry

Super absorbent and dries quickly 75% Polyester, 25% Polyamide mix for better results absorbs as much moisture as a large bath towel

✅ Handy size 90 x 45cm. Packs away into a FREE waterproof carry bag for easy packing and space saving

✅ Takes up a fraction of the space of a standard towel - folds up to no bigger than the size of a packet of crisps



Do You Want To Save Space In Your Gym Bag, But Need A Quality Gym Towel To Keep You Dry Or For Wiping Down Fitness Equipment?

If so, this microfibre gym towel is just for you!

But this microfiber towel isn't only for the gym. It's very versatile and can also be used after swimming, fitness classes, around the home, at the beach or great as a space saving camping, hiking or travel accessory.

Made from the highest quality 'state of the art' fabric. Guaranteed to dry you quicker, weigh less and take up a fraction of the space of a traditional towel.

Here are some more great features of Elite Body Squads microfibre gym towel...

* Due to its unique micro fibre design, it dries you quicker than cotton toweling and takes up much less space

* Has an invigorating feel when using. Touch dries the skin up to 4 times faster than when using a bulky 'old style' towel

* Supplied with a custom waterproof carry bag so your gym towel can always be kept in great condition. Great for maintaining its compact, space saving size and shape

* Perfect to use during or after tough workouts. Absorbs sweat quickly, which is great for wiping down gym equipment and keeping your hands dry in between tough sets

* Machine washable and extremely quick drying - you'll cut drying costs plus you won't have a heavy wet, smelly towel hanging around

PLEASE NOTE - This is not a bath sized towel, it will not wrap around the body but is perfect for use after bathing and showering. It is designed to be a handy pocket sized sports towel - 90cm x 45cm

If you're not 100% happy with this gym towel, you can return it for a replacement or our full money back Guarantee!

Click the "ADD TO CART" button NOW (Small red box - above centre) to experience the feeling of our luxury microfiber 'touch dry' towel for yourself, completely risk free!


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