Stability Ball Training

stability ball training
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Using a stability ball in your workouts can really change up your training. Instead of performing all of your exercises on a stable foundation, such as a workout bench or the floor, you can add an extra element of balance which challenges the core muscles at the same time as doing your main exercise.

So for example let’s take the dumbbell press. You would traditionally perform this on a bench. Using a stability ball to do the same exercise means that you can still work the pectorals, triceps and front deltoids, but at the same time your core muscles are now working hard to keep you balanced and stable.

Using a stability ball isn’t always recommended especially if you are lifting very heavy or if you have any lower back problems.

This one of the more basic exercises that you can do using a stability ball, but is still a really great exercise to do. Here’s how you do it

1. Start with the ball positioned under the lower back

2. Bend your legs so that your knees are at ninety degrees with your feet shoulder width apart, facing forward and flat on the floor

3. Cross your arms over chest or place behind your ears

4. Slowly crunch your upper body forward, raising the shoulders off the ball until you feel the abs are working and hold for 3 seconds

5. Slowly lower the upper body back down over the ball, returning to the start position.

6. Repeat for the desired number of repetition

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