Peter Batai talks to us about injuries at the gym and how to avoid them

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Peter Batai is back once again to talk to us about injuries at the gym and how best to avoid them.

What’s the best way to start your routine? 

First of all it is very important to warm up properly before the actual exercise. 5-10 minutes easy cardio on the treadmill followed by light stretching is highly recommended.

 It is also vital, that we reach the weight we wish to work with, during progressive warm-up sets. I personally rather like to pre-exhaust a muscle with moderate weight instead of hitting it too hard too early and risk a severe injury.



What about when you start hitting the weights?

Common mistake the “ego” training as well. I again prefer and recommend picking weights, which one can fully control, rather than picking weights, which makes the ego happy but one cannot really work with them with good form.

Yes, good form is essential and my strongly belief is, that moderate weight with perfect form brings better results than throwing around huge weights with no real muscle involvement whilst ruining the ligaments and joints.



Is there any sort of equipment you would recommend? 

Even if one does everything right it is a point when you might need extra support despite the fact, that you are using adequate weight and great form. You will get to the point when you want to push your body over its limits and you will need further support to avoid injuries.

Supportive equipment, such as weight lifting belts, wrist wraps, knee wraps, are great aid to help you lift heavier and improve further.

You need to find one, which you can fully trust and hopefully are still affordable.

Some companies out there provide products, which are simply dangerous to use whilst others are great quality but ridiculously expensive. Neither is great option. You do not want to squat or deadlift with an unreliable or uncomfortable belt which might pop off (personal experience) when you really need it & protection. It could cripple you for long time!


How are you finding your Elite Body Squad gear?

The wrist wraps provide just enough support to protect my wrists from injury but they are not as rigid as the very thick competitive powerlifter wraps, which encourage you to pick weights, which might not necessarily be light enough for you to control them.
Train hard, eat well and enjoy life!

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