Emma Larson talks us through how she got her amazing abs

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So you want abs?

The most common mistake is to think that by doing 150 situps every day, six days a week will instantly produce abs. Unfortunately, it’s a little harder than that and it all starts in the kitchen, not in the gym!

Get yourself on track with a healthy sustainable diet, making sure it contains all elements (fats, proteins, carbs). Once you’ve got that in the bag and you start chipping away at the fat loss, then you can get down and dirty with those abs and make them cry!

I don’t dedicate a session solely to abs, I just tag them on the end, a few times a week.

A few of my killer exercises include…

The Elite Body Squad ab roller, this is gnarly as hell! It’s easy to go too fast on this exercise, because it hurts and you want it over and done with as quickly as possible. But to get the most out of it, you should go down to the count of three, hold at the bottom for one second, and then back up to the count of three – ensure you don’t come all the way back up, you must keep the tension there at all times.

Another one of my favourites is the Russian twist, weighted. These are good for your obliques…you wanna have a matching set, don’t you?!

Finally, another go to is leg raises. These are great for your lower abdominal muscles. I usually do these off a bench, with my butt hanging just over the edge of the bench. Keep the movement as slow as you can, it will hurt like hell, but it’s worth it. I like to add a little straight leg butt lift at the top for some extra kick!

As well as doing all the above, I like to try and keep my core engaged whilst doing daily chores, for example, if I’m washing the floor, I keep my core locked tight, my whole body is in the movement, not just my arms. It might sound weird but just try it, after a while, it will start to feel natural. You’ll be giving your abs an extra work out and you won’t even know you’re doing it!

Good luck, I have ABSolutely no doubt in my mind that you will smash it!


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