We asked our ambassadors about their New Years resolutions and what they were

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Our ambassadors welcomed in the New Year by making a series of promises to themselves as to how they plan on improving themselves for this coming year. We hope their messages and ideas could potentially help you on your path towards your desired goals as well.


Craig Wright aims to clean his diet up as he believes he has let is slip over the past year. Maintaining a clean and healthy diet is easier said than done but the benefits of keeping said diet are great. He also wants to push himself further this year and move towards his ultimate body goals.


Helen MacGregor would like to achieve her long-standing goal of gaining and keeping a solid six pack. This will take a high level of dedication and a lot of work hours but we believe she has the stamina to achieve this. She also would like to master some new yoga moves to add to her repertoire.


Sophie Major’s resolution was to drink a lot more water. Hydration is one of the most crucial parts of any diet and weight plan. Without the correct hydration, progress is incredibly difficult. Sophie also wants to reduce the number of nights out she goes on in order to shred down. Fewer nights out equates to less alcohol consumption which means fewer unnecessary fats entering the diet.


Anthony Larson is determined to qualify for the UKBFF British Finals in October. His goal is to reach the end of the year and not have to reflect on anything he has not done. He wants all his goals to be completed by the end of the year so he can look back on the year and have nothing left outstanding that he needs to do in 2018.


Arran Perry has just started training for his next competition which will hopefully be happening in the Summer. Due to this commitment, all of Arran’s resolutions are focused on fitness and body sculpting so he can hopefully succeed.


Peter Batai  has set himself a series of small and achievable goals which he believes will mean he has more chance of succeeding with rather than setting several larger goals. He believes we should all look back at the end of the year and assess our failings, so we can better them in the coming year. His aim to create small and short term goals on a daily basis so he can focus on them without changing his life too much.


Jess Lee has set her sights on competing in the bikini category at the PCA’s this coming May. To achieve this, Jess plans on focusing on her cardio, eating clean at all hours of the day and getting the correct amount of sleep every day. We wish her the best of luck in achieving this goal.


We hope all of our great ambassadors can reach their targets and obtain the body goals they desire. We invite you to share your goals for this calendar year and how you plan on achieving them.

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